Lighten up already

Jonah Goldberg reminds us that Christmas is supposed to be fun, people. Agreed completely. Even though I don’t believe in Christmas as a holiday, I’ve started saying “Merry Christmas” to people just to piss them off.
Incidentally, Jonah and I went to the same super-Reform temple in New York.



  1. nelson ascher

    Dear Ms. Castel.
    Would you mind getting in touch with me? Your e-mail link doesn’t seem to be working. It is about some technical details of EuroPundits.

  2. Jim

    Indeed. Being anything less than a rabid leftist in a Reform congregation is lonely. But without Christmas, would we ever have had “The Littlest Elf” in the Series of Unfortunate Events?

  3. Dave J

    Alan, that actually makes me wonder why Muslims don’t celebrate Christmas, or if, in fact, they do. After all, while not regarding Jesus as divine, they do treat him as a prophet second only to Mohammed. It’s Easter that they would regard to be altogether blasphemous as a concept.