Technical question

I’m appealing to my techno-savvy readers here.
When I open a new window in IE, all it opens is the top title bar. I must “maximise” it in order to see the window itself. “Restoring” only reduces it to the title bar again.
How to fix? First helpful answer gets a big cyber-hug.



  1. mike

    open it, so you have the title bar, and resize
    as you would any other window, grabbing an edge or a corner and dragging. close, and when you re-open, it should retain the size it was closed at.

  2. Bart

    I’m not sure the above is exactly correct. Instead, follow all of the above steps, but hold down the shift key as you are closing the window. The size upon closing then becomes the default size upon opening.

  3. Jay

    If mousing doesn’t do the resizing for you, try this:
    With the badly sized IE the program that has focus, press Alt-spacebar. The system menu in the upper left of the window will drop down. Choose size either with the mouse or by arrowing down to it and pressing Enter.
    Press the down arrow on the keyboard until you can see the outline has reached a more reasonable, easier to mouse-resize size, then press Enter.
    I second the advice to get Firefox though. It all but stops, if not completely stops, the adware/spyware crud that so loves to come in through and attach itself to IE.