Odds & Sods. Again.

Lotsa interesting things in the news.
How ’bout this one? Turns out, the folks in Sand Country – particularly the folks most subject to oppression – would vote Bush if given the choice. What makes this interesting is the correspondent appears to speak from a left-liberal standpoint – he talks about the Dem platform as being in favor of scientific progress. I sort of laughed about this – the premise of this guy’s world view is that the Repellicans only like technology when it can be used to fuel the Halliburton WarKill 3000 Machine that grinds up the brown peoples of the world (mainly women and chirrets, of course) into eco-safe fire logs for wealthy donors to burn at the Yuletide… Interesting article. It gives me some hope that in spite of the tribal cultural problems of the Middle East, perhaps there is some accomodation we can reach with much of the Islamic world. Articles like this and op-eds like this Krauthammer joint give me a wee bit of hope.

Nods to Insty & Clayton Kramer, the slayer of the infernal Bellisisles beast.
What’s Wonkette up to these days? Talking dirty I suppose? Yep. Gosh that Anna. She’s just so… plucky. Ya know, it all seriousness, I curse a blue streak sometimes. I even do it here if I’m pissed. But Anna – she seems to do it in this calculated, overly cute way, without any real emotional content, like she was in a sitcom or something and we are all supposed to be a little shocked and tittilated and giggling. Today’s word: Donna Brazille using motherf***er repeatedly at the recent DNC bash.
Oh, I’m so shocked. I’m tittilated too. And giggling.
Newsflash: It’s not funny, Anna, and it’s not shocking either. And nobody giggles. Not since Lenny Bruce was at the Hungry I, anyhow. So get over it. Save your profanities for when they mean something. Please. You’re wrecking the language, diluting our pungent words with overuse, and wasting your talents, and not in an entertaining, Steven Soderbergh/Ocean’s 11 kind of way.
Here’s a cool Mil Blog for you – Mike the Marine. I like the title. It’s self-explanatory. He’s mainly a linker, but he links to some groovy stuff. And he’s a decent shot, too.
I’d be remiss if I drafted an Odds & Sods entry, and didn’t give a shout-out to the Bloggfather, Snoop Blogg, Bloggy Smalls, the Notorious M.I.K.E. of Cold Fury. Here’s just one little tidbit of bloggy goodness that is worth reading from Mr. Hendrix.
So what’s this – MoveOn.org tells Dems –

“Put the Party down, and back away slowly.” AKA, “It’s mine, it’s mine, yessssss, precioussss… we don’t like those nasty MacAuliffesessessss… precious.” .

Nice. That’s what we need – is a Democratic Party that is much farther to the left. Unabashedly… I dunno. They already believe in pacifism in the face of a determined enemy, gay marriage, abortion on demand without parental notification for 12 year olds, Uncle Sam-sponsored health care, housing and meals, and an energy policy based on solar and wind power (which is actually based on the maxim, “wish in one hand and shit in the other and see which fills up first.” But I digress). This is just nutty. If the party on the right wins, you can’t count on winning the next election by moving hard to the left. Even the American Prospect will tell you, the way to win the next election, is to suck up (without condescending) to the insanely stupid and retrogressive maniacs who make up the center of the American political spectrum.
Y’know, I’d laugh about the Dem’s implosion and cluelessness, if it wasn’t so horrid for the country to leave it in the hands of the rival-free Republicans. One-party rule is bad news, even if it happens naturally as the result of the suicide of one of the two parties.
Well. That’s enough of my blathering for one day, don’t you think?