Note to self: if I must fly to Paris in the future, make sure to use Orly airport and not Charles de Gaulle. Better yet, avoid French air travel altogether:
[O]n Monday, four days after the police at Roissy-Charles de Gaulle International Airport planted explosives in an unsuspecting passenger’s suitcase, nobody yet knew where the explosives went.
Even by French standards, this is one of the absolute nadirs of stupidity in the history of human endeavor.


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  1. Dave F

    I see Inspector Clouseau is on the case:
    “The police spokesman, Pierre Bouquin, said that if detonated, they would probably be enough to blow a door from a car.”
    (Zis is nothing. It is a tiny berm.)
    Of course, it would be “enough” to blow your head off too.