Shower the people you love with origami

Your country is rocked by sectarian and religious violence. How do you restore hope to your dejected countrymen?
According to the Thai government, you bomb them with folded paper birds.
And astonishingly, it hasn’t worked:
There has been more violence in southern Thailand less than one day after an elaborate government-sponsored peace gesture in the region.
Military and police aircraft dropped 120 million origami paper birds over three provinces where a Muslim insurgency has claimed 550 lives this year.
It was an eccentric effort to soothe tensions after a year of sectarian trouble.

Eccentric? More like a massive waste of resources that could have been better used killing terrorists.



  1. Alan E Brain

    Disagree: it was a very Buddhist thing to do. It was an offering, and a proposal for peace, one from the nation as a whole.
    Rejected, it means that the pacifist Buddhist Thai will again become like the Siamese of old. Who had a reputation around 1400 much like the Vikings in 900, but rather less civilised. They beat the fertiliser out of the Muslim Malays (and for that matter, the Khmer empire) back then, and will do the same again. With (and this is the important bit) a clear conscience. the peace offer was rejected. On their own heads be it.