Cycle of violence

Check out Mark Steyn’s article (registration required) on the Canadian nanny-state’s new bicycle helmet laws, and the corresponding discussion thread on Tim Blair’s site.
Just for the record, I wear a helmet when riding a bike, since I like my head to remain perched firmly on my shoulders. But I don’t think anyone should be made to do so if they don’t want to.



  1. James

    Reason if ever there was one to support Governor Schwarzenegger’s preference for a part-time legislature, to cut down on this sort of time-filler activity…
    (Better still, make membership of the legislature entirely unpaid. Having to earn – and pay taxes on – an honest living should concentrate their minds wonderfully!)

  2. xto

    Fair enough.
    And I don’t think doctors and hospitals should be made to treat the cracked skulls of unhelmeted riders if they don’t want to.
    And so on – don’t force employers to pay them for their days off, etc