Running away

Looking around the Edinburgh section of Craigslist, I found a few entries along these lines:

Save my family from Bush!

This country is growing ever more unlivable, and my mother is scared to death that I and my little sister will soon be sent to kill and die overseas for an imperialist corporate agenda. We love Scotland, and would be thrilled to become citizens. If anyone can be of assistance, please respond. It looks as though marriage is the only way to gain long-term residency, so we are all open to this possibility. Thank you in advance for your help in this matter.

(Original here)

Pretty screwed up – perhaps if their far-left FUD is scaring his mother this much he should stop spreading it? Of course, if he’s trying to flee wars like Iraq, he’d be well advised to avoid the home of the Black Watch (who just left Camp Dogwood after helping secure Fallujah) – but then, he probably thinks it’s actually “unilateral” so the UK isn’t involved after all…



  1. Al Maviva

    I hope you don’t allow these bastards in. Otherwise you’ll have to change the anthem to “Scotland the Hysterical.” And I think we both know, that wouldn’t sound good on the pipes.

  2. Dave J

    Judging by this, I’d also say they probably don’t even realize that Scotland is a part of the UK.