If at first you don’t suck…

Well, Kerry’s cheerleaders the far side of the Atlantic haven’t quite given up hope yet, it seems. They’ve admitted defeat this time round, of course – although they do have an interesting take on which Democrat Senator actually lost…

An interesting reversal of their previous piece on the situation!

Then we have some welcome relief:

I voted for him because we are in a war with an implacable foe. If the 20th century taught us anything, it is that the forces of tyranny understand solely and exclusively superior force applied with resolution. Neither Kerry nor most of western Europe is up to that task. Like Churchill in the 30s, we have few allies. But I believe we are right.

While we are on the subject of impressions, here are mine of Europe: you are a continent with a history of blood on your hands, almost two millennia in duration. When you weren’t killing Jews, you killed Muslims. When you tired of that you killed each other for land or in support of some flavour of Christianity that was “the one true faith”. Alternately, you killed the Mayans, Incas and Aztecs who refused the true cross. And you subjugated as much of the world as you could, leaving us with a hodgepodge of borders which are the cause of much hatred and bloodshed to this day. And now you have not the stomach for this fight.

Back to their own take, in a more recent piece, one of their columnists has several different interesting takes: it was only a little victory really, it was obvious (hindsight being 20-20) – which does, of course, raise the small question of why the Democrats were so convinced Kerry was the “electable” one up until he failed – and that Hillary 2008 is doomed:

Had the Democrats fielded a better candidate – more folksy, more appealing in the South – they might have won. Putting up a millionaire Boston brahmin was rather like the Tories proposing an Old Etonian stockbroker for prime minister. As Graydon Carter of Vanity Fair has observed, one lesson is simply that Democrats should start the hunt for a man with a drawl and a farm, who looks like a regular guy and plays ball in the yard. (Incidentally, that does not describe Hillary Clinton, who would probably stand a better chance if she stood for president of Europe.)