A Modest Proposal For Leaving the United Nations

If the US should ever dissolve its UN membership, it should do it with style. Here’s the plan.

  1. Upon leaving, the US evicts the UN from its Manhattan headquarters.
  2. The UN is allowed to take with it every loose item except for the furnishings in the General Assembly room and the flags displayed in front.
  3. A plaque is erected at the base of each flagpole. Each will have the name of the UN member nation whose flag flew there during te UN’s occupancy of the building, and a built-in screen computer monitor (or some other editable medium) that displays the major treaties, international organizations, and UN councils to which that nation is a party. A similar monument will grace the flagpole where the UN flag once flew, and a newly-constructed flagpole dedicated to all non-UN-member nations.
  4. The General Assembly room is preserved as a museum and a sort of computerized library. Each seat where delegates once sat has a computer monitor where visitors can access the local database for historical information (general history, UN activity, human rights record) on each nation in the world.
  5. The remaining interior is transformed into apartment units that will serve a special purpose…
  6. With fanfare and ceremonies, the building reopens as a hostel for refugees fleeing persecution in foreign lands.
  7. The hostel will fly the flags of those nations represented by its current refugee population. If the hostel has at least one tenant who is a UN employee or peacekeeping soldier and whose persecution is directly related to UN activity (example: a whistleblower), the UN flag will fly. If the UN persecution is being abetted by the tenant’s nation of origin, that nation’s flag will fly, too.

Update: Who should be invited to the grand opening? I’d start the invitation list by including a survivor or two from every genocide that occurred under the noses of UN forces. Add the heads of state from Iraq, Afghanistan, and any other nation we liberated with UN disapproval. And a UN-unfriendly gathering wouldn’t be complete without the Israeli prime minister.