Popularity contest

I brought several Australian specialties to the USA to share with friends and family. Among the popular ones: Bundaberg rum, Tim Tams, Hairy Lemon fizzy vitamin drink and Face of Australia lip gloss.
Not a single person had a good thing to say about Vegemite.



  1. Al Maviva

    Okay, fine, I’ll say something good about Vegemite. In fact, I’ll say two good things about it.
    First, it probably tastes better than cat shit. Second, it definitely smells a little better than cat shit.
    See – it’s not hard to say something good about Vegemite. Your friends must be inarticulate.

  2. Dave J

    I understand it also makes for fairly good tile caulking. One is reminded of the old SNL fake commercial…
    CHEVY CHASE: It’s a floor wax!
    GILDA RADNER: No, it’s a dessert topping!
    DAN AYKROYD: That’s right; it’s both.