Proud to be Wrong

Never have I been so proud, and so happy, to be so wrong. I’m referring to my election predictions, and my prediction Kerry was about to litigate out the election results.
I can’t tell you how happy I am to be completely wrong, and how much good will Senator Kerry has built up in my mind, by both conceding graciously, and stating the reason for it (“it was numerically impossible for us to win.”)

I don’t have the same respect for Johnny Edwards, who hinted at the start of a new disenfranchisement myth, but oh well. He’s a shithead without a job today, as far as I’m concerned.
Senator Kerry, on the other hand, has a chance that few men get. He can start his life over in his mid-50s. His conciliatory talk with President Bush and classy speech gives him an opening to be a uniter, not a divider. Al Gore got this chance, and had an opportunity to move toward Walter Mondale (pre-senate race) status as an elder statesman – something the Dems desparately need. Gore blew it. I hope Kerry takes advantage of it. It would be nice to have a Dem leader I can look to without feeling a visceral cringe.
The Republicans will have to play ball a bit if they want to bury the hatchet, but they have a chance too. There will be no federal ban on abortion or all gay marriage; that stuff has to go by the wayside. Likewise the Dems will have to make similar sacrifices. And both parties need to focus a bit more on trying to sell their philosophical goals, their proposed endpoints, rather than focusing on the day-to-day, tit-for-tat partisan sniping.
A bit of unity as the country faces perhaps a greater challenge than Hitler and Tojo would help us greatly, and Kerry is positioned to be his party’s Wendel Wilkie. Wilkie, you will remember, lost badly to Franklin Delano Roosevelt, but when WWII broke out, became a staunch supporter of Roosevelt on security questions, in the name of protecting the nation first and worrying about partisan politics later. That’s how it should be, and I hope Kerry reaches for this brass ring. He has a chance to move from being a good politician, to being a great man; I pray he takes it.
There’s a mission here, and Human Rights John Kerry knows it; he knows our long term security will come only by bringing notions of freedom and self determination to the oppressed around the world. Yep, the universality of human rights. Kerry and the liberals were neo-cons on this issue before being neo-con wasn’t cool. I can’t say it would hurt my feelings if the Dems became electorally viable by returning to their roots on human rights issues – a full court press for the rule of law, and government by consent of the governed is going to address the root causes that have led to our recent troublesome effects.
We shall see if Kerry’s good will survives the first cabinet nominations of the new Administration, and if Bush is ready to carry through on his promise of uniting, not dividing. It will take the effort of both men to do this, but if they do, they can perhaps heal some of the deep wounds riven in the national flesh by the McGovernites, and yes, perhaps the Falwell wing of the Christian right.
If so, I will be calling Mr. Kerry patrician, not in the snide sense but in the admiring sense.
Meanwhile, the fuckknuckles over at Kos are calling for a hard turn to the left in the Democratic Party. It’s time that we all repudiate these Gramscian revolutionaries, just as the Republicans are getting around to repudiating the last of the segregationist shitbirds. The country doesn’t need their type around taking up our time; we have much more important things to do.



  1. johnny simmons

    thank god for a intelligent, beautiful,
    republician. and a WOMAN AT THAT, YOU GO GIRL

  2. Al Maviva

    Johnny, bro, I’m a dude. Al Maviva? Al? Albert? Alberto?
    I’m not a tranny, I only write at Sasha’s. As does Alan Henderson, Major Sean, Scott Wickstein and a few others.
    Dude, what made you think I’m a chick? Were you standing behind my and you saw my hot ass in those vintage Jordache jeans? Or the long hair that cascades over my shoulders. Perhaps it was the dress…
    All I can say, is always look at the wrists, man; always look at the wrists. Take it from the voice of experience, if you don’t look at the wrists, you will be in for some nasty surprises, especially if you drink a lot of bourbon like I do.

  3. Major Sean Bannion

    Al, you go girl! I mean, ummmm, uhhhh…
    Al, you weren’t checkin’ out my ass when we were drinkin’ beer, were ya?