Liveblogging the Election

Okay, I’ll admit it. I’m a freaking loser. I chose to stay at home with my wife and kid in the D.C. suburbs rather than go to some rocking parties in downtown D.C. / Northern Virginia. So to console myself, I’m going to suck down some booze and watch the results come in.
I started watching around 7:30 after I voted. Voting was cool. I asked the lady at the polls how we were doing for turnout, at around 6:30. She said we had around 75% turnout, which was about 20% over normal. That’s great, I thought; it shows that even though we spend a lot of time bitching about the country, we can still be bothered to get off our asses and vote when it matters.
Cracked the first beer, a frosty Yuengling at 7:55.

Is it just me, or was Bill Kristol completely wishy-washy, throwing in the towel, etc.? Wow. In the Army, we used to talk about the foxhole test – was this person somebody you’d want to have next to you in the foxhole during a desparate fight. Bill Kristol… um, I think we’d make him the company clerk. He brought to mind Maggie Thatcher’s words to George Bush the elder prior to the first Gulf War – “now is no time to go wobbly.” Wobbly, hell; Kristol makes jello look rock solid.
Okay – so Florida looks to be breaking to Bush, with Bush recording substantially higher numbers (5% – 7% higher) in counties he lost last time around, and the increase is putting him in the winning column. That’s a good thing. Broward County is apparently in and Bush is far ahead – that’s nice, assuming they don’t generate a couple tens of thousands of votes in the inevitable recounts.
Jim Bunning is in trouble. There were rumors that his oddball statements (factual occurrences, FYI) and his balky, teleconference debate performance (which relied on a teleprompter) were due to senility or other mental defect. Those rumors have gotten some traction, it appears. He seems to be ahead, slightly, and has declared victory with 100% of the votes in – but this one could go the other way. It’s within the margin of litigation (20,000 votes) and Fox is refusing to call it for him.
Not much action between 8:00 and 10:00.
10:18 Bill Kristol seems healthier now – says that it appears that judged by the actual results compared to exit polls, the exit polls, nationwide, are biased roughly 2% in favor of Kerry. Imagine that.
10:20 Barack Obama live on Fox. Yep, hes a great speaker. Hes also a bit of a demagogue. I wish him well, but I hope that he listens to the moderate angels of his nature, rather than the hardcore lefty angels within.
Specter is losing. That’s a good thing – he’s a classic RINO, and his “Kerry/Specter ’04” signs have probably cost him a lot of support among Republicans – as much for his liberalism, as for his betrayal after Bush expended a lot of political capital to campaign on his behalf. Providing the Republicans can hold onto the Senate, that means that another R – maybe Mitchell? – will be in charge of Senate Judiciary. That would be a good thing compared to Specter, and frankly turncoats should get turned out. Bush went to Penna to campaign for non-hard-chargin’ Arlen, and the traitorous bugger deserves to have to start his job hunt tomorrow for his betrayal.
Now let’s check in with our left wing friends. Here’s Atrios explaining why the exit polls in the mornings (which ran 60% female today) can’t be trusted:

even if they’re “accurate” they’re still bullshit, because exit polls always favor Republican voters in the AM…

Now you have to ask yourself how he can say that. I know a couple of reputable Dem pollsters (pollster henchman, really, you wouldn’t see my friends on TV, but you have seen their bosses) and they have confirmed my suspicion that morning exit polls are woman (and hence Dem) heavy. Now either Duncan Black isn’t as well informed as he pretends to be, or he’s comfortable in telling lies to encourage his little comment monkeys to rattle their cages.
10:38 Oh nice, Kerry Edwards HQ has just told Fox that they think Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota are safe, so they can focus their offensive efforts on Florida and Ohio. WTF – the polls are closed in Florida, and closed in almost all of Ohio. Offensive efforts? Oh, wait a minute, they mean lawsuits and vote fraud to steal the election.
10:40 Okay, check out Kos. He’s one lefty blogger who is reporting the facts and not lying his ass off like Atrios.
10:40 Josh Marshall wants to know why the MSM isn’t covering the “flurry of lawsuits across Ohio.” Well, that’s easy to answer, Josh – because the MSM wants you left wing furballs to win, and publicizing the lawsuits won’t help you, it will only show the Dem machine pols to be the “power at any cost” bastards they are. Believe it or not, outside of the left wing echo chamber, the majority of Americans don’t want politics to be a blood sport. Most people don’t buy the argument that lawyering up an election is a noble thing to do – and keeping open polls past business hours to get late sleeping Ohio State stoners to vote repeatedly pretty much forces the R’s to take it to the courts. We’ve seen the script Josh – your folks left copies lying around in the pre-rigged voting machines in Philly this morning.
10:46 Thank God Cynthia McKinney is heading back to Congress. Now that David Duke is out of politics, somebody gotta remind us to crack down on The Jeeeeuuuuwwws what run the U.S.
Okay, time for a little break. I’m switching to bourbon, and I’m going to play Doom or Half Life for a bit.
11:39 Okay, I’m a half of a big ass tumbler of whisky into the late evening. Susan “I’m a Craaaaazy Beeeatch” Estrich is on Fox, predicting that Bush is going to get his ass kicked in Cuyahoga County Ohio, and that her Dem friends is that Bush is toast. Maybe – but I wouldn’t exactly give in based on Susan Estrich’s say-so.
ACLU has filed suit in Florida since Broward County has fucked up the absentee ballots and the polling place procedures yet again.
Now, these two counties are both Democrat controlled. Could somebody please explain to me how their rampant, apparently accidental disenfranchisement is once again the fault of the Republicans?
Oops, Susan Estrich just gave away the game. “There are more than enough uncounted votes to carry Ohio.” Well, there it is, they are going to count and recount until they get the right answer… sheesh.
Captain Ed is liveblogging too… haven’t heard much from him in a while though.
Spoons says ABC has called Florida for Boosh. Hmmm… Sounds like premature evacuation there.