A helpful suggestion

From “Seabiscuit” at Democratic Underground (scroll down to post #74):
If Osama Bin Laden/any al queada group wants to punish Americans, they should attack only in the “red” states. I hate to wish this on anyone, but if America is going to be attacked, they should at least, as a matter of fairness, attack the people in the states who were jackass enough to hand their electoral votes to Shrub.
Osama is grateful for your advice, I’m sure.



  1. Al Maviva

    That’s a lie. He doesn’t hate to wish it on anyone. The Dems have been wishing hate on anybody who isn’t in their camp for four years now – longer realy, if you can remember back to the Clinton impeachment days.
    What he really meant to say was,
    “I want to wish hate on anybody who voted R.”

  2. James

    It’s not even an original thought – well, unless Seabiscuit is the same guy who voiced the same wish days ago, on a videotape aired on Al Jazeera…

  3. Nancy

    So typical – “don’t pick on us for being cowards, pick on them for standing up to you!” By all means, let’s be “fair”.