Moore’s War (on dirty tricks)

Sadly, not a case of friendly fire; as the Guardian reports, it seems he’s planning to flood Ohio and Florida with 1,200 cameras, presumably in the hope of getting some nice incriminating footage to use in his next “documentary”.
If he does produce one on this subject, does anyone suspect he’ll miss out cases like these? Still, to show it’s not entirely biased, the Guardian did balance their article, by having allegations against a Republican group alongside allegations from the Democrats…



  1. James

    I think he was hoping to get some nice incriminating footage of those nasty evil Republicans beating up Democrat voters on the polling station doorstep, something like that. Of course, since polls now seem to have closed there without incident that seems unlikely…
    Why Ohio? Remember, Ohio and Florida were probably the biggest swing states: presumably he thought this would be where any dirty tricks would take place.

  2. M. Scott Eiland

    Now, now–let’s not be cruel to Michael “Lord Pork-Pork” Moore. He’s probably a little bitter, what with his efforts as an enemy propagandist coming to naught with the triumphant re-election of GWB. We should cheer him up by sending him some wafer-thin mints.