Dems – The Defenders of Free Speech

I just watched a disturbing interview of a local furniture merchant named Joe Blanchfield, who is the owner of Oaktree Furniture, which has outlets in the D.C. and Baltimore area.
Mr. Blanchfield apparently is having a big tent sale this week, and needed to get some advertising out – they were having trouble buying ad spots. The local Fox and WB affiliates offered him a good rate on advertising, so he bought a large number of spots, some of which aired during the “Stolen Honor” special about John Kerry’s slandering of VietNam vets when he returned to the U.S. I will quote Mr. Blanchfield as closely as I can, in my pre-TIVO household.
“I was at work yesterday when the phone calls started coming in, saying I hated Democrats and threatening me, threatening to destroy my business, to boycott me. But it wasn’t the death threats that were most disturbing. I have 45 families that rely on me for employment. I’m trying to make a living here, and I have Democrats, Indpendents and Republicans who work for me – that’s in alphabetical order because we don’t aim to offend. We treat everybody with respect, and we expect others to treat us with respect… so this was surprising.”

There you go… You don’t even have to speak up against John Kerry. Just leave the impression you are speaking up against him, and you can expect death threats.
I am pretty sure a Kerry presidency will be disastrous for the country. But at this point, any sentient voter – roughly 70% of the electorate, near as I can tell – should know what they are getting. So if we choose Kerry at this point, we damn well deserve what we get. Here’s a hint – it ain’t Kerry that you personally have to be worried about; it’s the thugs that are carrying him into office, that will fill staff positions and enjoy Administration patronage who will cause your troubles. If they are this vicious out of power, shooting up and robbing Republican party offices with impunity, beating up Republican supporters and volunteers – magine what these bastards are going to be like with the full power of the federal government in their hip pocket… it’s not a pretty picture, is it?