Military Bashing

Laughing at people “dumb enough to join the military.”
Read the comments. They are champs.
I suppose it’s refreshing to see the Dem base dropping their uncomfortable act of showing respect to the military. As Goldmember would say, “Itsh Okay, Ashholes.” Y’all can start talking down to cops and firefighters now too, guys; it’s late enough in the campaign that they’ve served their purpose. You’ve bitched for three years about how the soldiers/cops/firemen don’t have enough resources. It’s close enough to election day that you can let down the mask and show your abject scorn for these blue collar footmen who aren’t fit to polish your Volvos.

Thing is, Duncan “[h]Atrios” Black isn’t a lonely blogger, he’s a Soros funded [low level] insider at Media Matters, which itself is a nice cog in the Dems’ effort to oust Bush. You know what that means – there’s an Assistant Secretary position somewhere with his name on it. Maybe Assistant Secretary of Defense for _____ fill in the blank. I think a guy who likes to piss on the military would be a fine choice for a DOD position in a Kerry administration. It would be in keeping with the CINC’s philosophy, at least.
It’s funny, isn’t it – Al Gore alleges a tightly organized right wing attack machine in the blogosphere, the digital brownshirts – and it turns out that David Brock is actually running one for the left with Kos and Atrios and Oliver on his payroll. Goddamn – if there was one thing I could do, I’d make everybody in the country read [h]Atrios and all the comments every day – let them see what they are going to get if they elect Kerry. The Dems have dropped the “Third Way” facade of Clinton; we’re going to get the McGovernite hard left, and it is going to be ugly.
If there were truth in advertising rules for politics, the Dem slogan could only be one thing:
Vote Dem 2004: We’re the People You Can Trust to Run the Country in a Respectful, Responsible Manner that Even the French Would Approve of, you F***ing Despicable Morons!”