Very Happy, John!

The “Man of Steel” has won a fourth term.. The Greens have lost their only seat in the house. The Australian Democrats have seen their percentages plummet. The media continually refer to newly minted MP Malcolm Turnbull as a “millionaire banker”, although they don’t call Peter Garrett MP a “millionaire pop star”. And loathsome Greens candidate Kerry Tucker was not elected to the Senate.
Overall, I’d say it’s a splendid night. I’m having a Tia Maria shot in celebration.
“Tom Paine” was liveblogging the election coverage. Read and be very amused.



  1. Al Maviva

    A shot of Tia Maria?
    Jeebus Sasha.
    I’m sure Sonny Barger and Keith Richards are shaking in their boots.
    What kind of hearty-partying do you do when something really sends you over the moon? A few sips of Amaretto?
    Seems to me, if you are really happy, the least you could do is get faced on Wild Turkey or Cuervo, or if you have to be all girly about it, a few bottles of Yellowtail Shiraz.
    But a Tia Maria? Mamma mia!

  2. Sasha

    Al, I’m on antibiotics right now. Any more than a shot and I’d be in a coma right now.
    Trust me, in two days there’s a sixpack of James Squire Extra Stout with my name written on it. And possibly a bottle of Dionysus Sauvignon Blanc too.