In re: Petard, Hoist by Own

The New York Times, December 31, 2003, Op-Ed, brave hunters of corruption, wherever it may be found, regarding how the Plame leak investigation should be conducted.

Mr. Comey [Deputy U.S. Attorney General] must also allow Mr. Fitzgerald to use the full powers of a special counsel, including the ability to seek Congressional intervention if he finds his investigation blocked by a government official or agency.

The New York Times, in full-on screaming hissy-fit mode, on how the Plame leak investigation should be conducted:

The lawsuit said the Justice Department was “on the verge” of getting records as part of a probe aimed at learning the identity of government employees who may have provided information to the [NY Times]. It asked a judge to intervene.
The paper said the government intends to get the records, which reflect confidential communications between the journalists Philip Shenon and Judith Miller and their sources, from third parties unlikely to be interested in challenging its authority. . . .
“We are very troubled at this brazen intrusion into our relationship with our sources, which is unconstitutional and endangers our free press,” he said.

My response: Waaaah.