Politicizing 9/11?

So, the Republicans are the only ones looking to make a buck from 3000 corpses, eh?? Think again::
“Silver Recovered From Ground Zero!” reads a fake news release from the company datelined “Thursday, 8:55 A.M.” It explains: “You see, when the Twin Towers fell on September 11, 2001, a bank vault full of .999 Pure Silver bars was buried under hundreds of tons of debris. After months of salvage work, many of the bars were found.” Some of that silver, it says, “has been used to create the magnificent 2004 ‘Freedom Tower’ Silver Dollar.” The coins are yours for $19.95 each, plus $7 for shipping, handling, insurance and a “deluxe velvet presentation case.” Each one is cheaper if you buy more; the limit is five per customer. “Avoid disappointment and future regret,” the ad advises. “ACT NOW!”
… the president of National Collector’s Mint is Avram Freedberg, a prominent businessman in Stamford, Conn., and a donor to Democratic causes.
(Emphasis mine.)



  1. Laurel

    My first thought when viewing the ad was that it was tasteless. Being a cynic I questioned the authenticity of the silver; but mostly why would anyone want such a grisly reminder. Thanks for the tip on Freedberg, just confirms my original reaction. Good work

  2. Sigivald

    I’m sure it’s authentic silver, laurel. The key is, if you watch their TV ad, the coin is silver plated, not solid silver, so a few hundred ounces would easily supply enough silver for thousands upon thousands of commemorative coins (probably more, in fact).
    There might be as much as 5 cents worth of actual silver in there! Maybe.