New season, new Otello

Another Met season has opened, and the verdict on Ben Heppner’s Otello seems to be universally positive. Even notorious grump Martin Bernheimer liked him, which is saying something.


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  1. chuck

    I was at opening night (they papered the house) in row G. Usually I sit in the balcony boxes. Sitting so close was a revelation, and it was wonderful seeing acting happen. Heppner was spot on. He didn’t even sing most of Dio! Mi potevi. He ACTED it. I thoroughly enjoyed his idiomatic performance. Frittoli was excellent too, though her approach was more orthodox than Heppner’s. Iago I’d never heard of. He must be a recent import from Italy: Cuepa or something. He was creepy, without overdoing the evil. Good singing.
    This still didn’t measure up to 1999 though, when a vocally challenged Domingo, Frittoli, and James Morris as Iago basically put on a thrilling lesson in tragic theater. The real stuff.