Hellooo! Anybody There?

Anybody out there? Have I driven off all my co-bloggers with my infuriation over the D** R***** affair? The sweatiness? Is it my wandering eye, or the overpowering stench wafting out of my shirt collar? I look down, and I see one moron “flooding the zone” on a group blog. That moron is me. Would somebody please chirp up with an opinion, or tell me to shut up, or voice an opinion I should shut up? To be fair to me, none of you bastidges are carrying your own weight here. So… hey, why’s it echoing?
Okay, new topic. How the DNC will win the presidency and generate longstanding hatred and seething resentment amongst Americans this year? That’s easily answered. They are reviving the old (2000) Donna Brazille theme, that the Republicans hate minorities and will do anything to crush them. This year’s specialty: denying the right to vote. And the mainstream media is in their hip pocket in this campaign.

I’m pretty sure this is a DNC talking point because Jeffrey Toobin came pretty close to slandering an attorney I know professionally and personally to be a good man (and no racist) in this New Yorker article from a week ago.
The same day that was released, John Kerry made this speech, talking about how Republicans would steal the election by denying Blacks the right to vote.
That’s just a coincidence, right?
Um, well sure. Then there’s this coincidence, in which Bill Moyer’s boy Harold Meyerson says that the Department of Homeland Security’s efforts to keep the entrance and exit open at a new citizen swearing in ceremony – which forced a Latino voter drive to move their table from a position obstructing a door – is proof of a nefarious DHS plot to surpress the vote. That’s utterly absurd – DHS can’t stop a couple million Mexicans each year from streaming across the borders, so how could they possibly stop minorities from voting at the maybe hundred thousand polling places across the country? FerChrissakes,they only have about 130,000 officers total…
Then there’s this article which appeared today from Reuters, news wire for the world, explaining that Bushwa has a nefarious plan to keep all minorities from the polls. Reuters cites the absolutely shameful Mary Francis Berry, the disgraceful and vicious woman who chairs the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, as saying: “There are individuals and officials who are actively trying to stop people from voting who they think will vote against their party and that nearly always means stopping black people from voting Democratic.” The biggest “injustice” cited is that felons in the U.S. are generally denied the right to vote – and for Reuters, this invokes slavery, because many felons are Black. A good summary of all the lies told by Berry with respect to vote suppression following the 2000 election is here, if you are interested.
Oh yeah, and then there’s this story about the Dems requesting the UN to monitor or perhaps take over this year’s election. Not content to make asses of themselves, the Dems need to de-legitimize the U.S. government in the eyes of the world. But they are only cutting the U.S. off at the knees because they love it; as they will gladly remind you, true patriotism is about the strength of your dissent – which is why if Kerry wins, this guy is in line for the Presidential Freedom Medal for his, um, full-throated, semi-jacketed, hollow-pointed dissent.
My point is quite simple: if you think Dan Rather and Joe Lockhart is the only Kerry/Media betrothal this Fall, then you are hopelessly clueless and an incorrigible non-learner, the kind of person who burns their hand on the electric stove at home, but who keeps sticking a hand out to touch it anyways, because you’re always willing to give the big red ring just one more chance…



  1. Karen

    I always enjoy your postings, probably because we’re on the same page and you voice them so much better than I can, but you seem a little overwrought lately. Are you going to survive until the election (I mean without drugs or copious amounts of the adult beverage of your choice)?

  2. Laurel

    Wonder how that makes black republicans feel. I don’t believe anyone is being denied the right to vote. Prove it. More likely voter fraud; Chicago area is investigating now regarding dead people registering and fake addresses on absentee voter forms. I suppose if someone is asked “prove who you are” that is disenfranchisment? I call it responsible.

  3. Sharku

    1. proof of identity is not required for voiting registration.
    2. proof of identity is not required to vote if you know a name and address on a voter registration.
    3. vote early… and often