Lies, Politics, Illness, and 9/11

While I was engaged in my ferocious battle against combined forces of Influenza and Rhinovirus, I pretty much missed the entire Amazing Time-Traveling Typewriter scandal, but I must say I am rather pleased with the way it is causing the Left to twist itself into all manner of rhetorical and literal knots. Not to mention that it’s been a sharp needle into the pompous gasbag which is Dan Rather. Jonah Goldberg explains:
A quick refresher in world history. Prior to World War I, the world was a huge ball of molten slag and gaseous muck. But that’s not important right now. Immediately prior to World War I, the world was divvied up into huge power blocs, basically known as empires. The rulers, bureaucrats, aristocrats, intellectuals, and guys in funny wigs running these empires refused to accept that their way of life was unsustainable, that the curtain was closing on their chapter under the sun (“Jonah Goldberg doesn’t merely mix metaphors, he snaps their spines!” — self-blurb). A relatively unknown loser (no offense to the PowerLine guys, Freep, et al.) shot Arch Duke Ferdinand and the whole house of cards came down. Some empires were obliged to help their allies. Others were just greedy, seeing opportunities in others’ weakness. The point — which doesn’t warrant extremely close inspection — is that the giants seemed extremely powerful right until they fell over. Moreover, what caused them to fall over was their desire to prove that they were as strong as they used to be, that they were still the Engines of History, Masters of their Fates, and the Inspiration of Needlessly Ornate Furniture.
Something similar is going on with the Media Empires of today. Powerline or the blogosphere generally — which would be the “Black Hand” in this analogy — spotted the now-obvious fraudulent nature of these documents immediately. The charge is the journalistic equivalent of an assassin’s bullet for Dan Rather. Had he refused to go to war in defense of these documents, he might have survived. Instead he’s determined to go the way of the Hapsburgs and his career is over.

Regarding truth and deviations therefrom, see also Zell Miller’s magnificent rebuttal of accusations of psychopathy.


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