What would happen if it turned out that the source of the forged Bush memos was the Kerry campaign, or a DNC operative?
Just wondering.



  1. Dave J

    It’s more or less a rhetorical question, but to answer it anyway, as Pat Caddell said, the election would then be “over.” Or is that naive?

  2. Sam

    I love how Rather said all this was coming from the blogosphere, like it didn’t matter and there was no truth coming from the blogosphere’s objections. It’s akin to Rockefeller’s “The public be damned” comment.
    Dan Rather: “You people on the Internet aren’t journalists, therefore, you are not allowed to question what I, the Mighty Journalist, has put before you as news. I have provided you with proof and one guy backing me up, so you must believe what I say is true. Don’t look behind the curtain, for GOD’S SAKE, DON’T LOOK BEHIND THE CURTAIN!!!”

  3. gcotharn

    Democratic mouthpieces would allege that the DNC operative was a Republican plant- an undercover Republican operative.
    CBS will allege that they were unfairly induced to run the story- kind of like Marion Berry was unfairly induced by the crack pipe.

  4. Mikey

    The effect on the Kerry campaign would resemble the effect a Japanese bomb had on the forward magazines of the USS Arizona.