Bein’ Gay as Hell in Jolly Ol’ England

I read a figure a number of times during the trip to England, regarding the overall gay-ness of the population. That figure was “three quarters of people are straight.”
Now, of course, no actual figures were given, nor were any studies cited. But apparently, the 3:1 straight:gay ratio has entered the public perception at some level, therefore it’s true.
Oh well, assuming the truth of that figure, we’ve gone from a 3% gay population, to a 10% gay population, to a 25% gay population, since around 1990. At that rate of increase, 200% of us are going to be utterly queer by 2009.
Either that, or Britain is simply the gayest country on Earth by far. Which isn’t a stretch, given the number of men who are impeccable dressers, amazing gardeners, knitters, and tea-drinkers.