The perils of politics

Tony Blair’s tackle during a friendly football match has sent smashingly coffed Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi to the hospital:
Silvio Berlusconi, Italy’s prime minister, has discovered the high price of clashing with Tony Blair: he has been forced to seek hospital treatment for a leg injury sustained when his British counterpart “ran into” him during a five-a-side football match earlier this month.
Mr Berlusconi, who has been walking with a barely discernible limp since he hosted the Blair family at his Sardinian holiday home, was forced to call in his orthopaedic specialist last week when the pain in his left knee became more acute.

The reporter, Bruce Johnston, becomes humor-impaired at this point:
Dressed in a blue polo shirt, blue tracksuit bottoms and blue trainers, Mr Berlusconi theatrically touched his painful knee and told other waiting patients in the hospital courtyard: “You know, the Left is always giving me problems.” Onlookers were uncertain whether this was a reference to his Italian Communist foes, or to Mr Blair. (emphasis mine)
Dope, don’t you read your own article? It’s his left knee. It’s a joke.It’s supposed to be funny. As in ha-ha.