Thanks a bunch

Mark Steyn writes what I’ve been thinking privately for a while now:
In America, plenty of old-school “realist” Republicans were sceptical of the war. So were various self-important Brits, on the grounds that the blundering Yanks just don’t understand the natives the way we old colonial hands do – an argument that would be more persuasive if so many of the trouble spots currently requiring America’s attention weren’t assisted on their path to chronic dysfunctionalism by the wise old birds of British imperialism (Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, Sudan).
And they say America isn’t the world’s policeman. Who else is it going to be, pray tell?



  1. Yibin

    Especially when anything really big came up, Kosovo came to mind, the 1st nation the go to look for help is the US.

  2. Alan K. Henderson

    Sometimes I think Britain de-colonized the Middle East a century too soon. Receding empires almost always leave chaos and backsliding in their wake, as illustrated by post-Roman Britain and post-Iberian Latin America. By now you’d think someone would learn from history and figure out how to emancipate a colony without it crumbling to pieces for several generations.