Super size this!

It seems that a diet of Mickey D’s, KFC, and ice cream is not necessarily the ruinous proposition that Morgan Spurlock would have us believe. In fact, it can propel you to two Olympic gold medals. Meet Australian cyclist Ryan Bayley:

“Most people do the right thing and eat the right foods,” said Bayley, the gold medal resting on his lean stomach. “I just do what I want to do. I eat whatever I want to eat and it seems to be working for me.”
Bayley’s girlfriend, Katrina Purcell, was asked to name the worst meal she had seen the newly-crowned Olympic champion eat. “Well, he’s had steak and chips for dinner, followed by ice-cream,” she begins. “It always has to be chocolate and chocolate topping.”
“Later on that evening he does a KFC run . . . it’s approximately 9.45pm, just before the KFC shop closes. You’ll see Ryan do a burnout out of the AIS, drive to KFC and pick up his popcorn chicken – medium size – with chips.”

God bless you, Ryan.



  1. Dave J

    It’s unfair, of course, but much more of this is genetic than the health-food nazis would have us believe.

  2. Scott Wickstein

    Ryan’s a softcock. We had a guy in the Sydney Olympics who won the silver medal for the long jump despite being a chainsmoker. If Bailey puffed his way through a pack of Winfield every day, then I’d be impressed.