Ad lib

Some of the more, er, unusual ads I’ve seen on Australian TV lately:
–A chain of supermarkets is promoted with a claymation stick figure dancing a slow tango with a chili pepper.
–An utterly nightmarish beer ad begins with a sleeping man’s tongue disengaging from his palate. The disembodied tongue then slides on the floor through an ongoing house party to a throbbing techno beat. It retrieves a bottle of beer and slides back to the bedroom, where it re-enters its owners mouth along with the beer bottle. I suppose the man then enjoys the beer, no worse for having his tongue removed and reattached.
–The Dodo ISP has always been promoted by an animated blue dodo bird. Their newest promotion, for their new mobile phone service features the main dodo rapping (?!) with the support of three scantily clad female dodos (dodettes?) seductively cooing, “Talk to me, Dodo”. Quite.
–A home loan broker is represented by a race of hideously ugly, eyeless alien blobs training as if for an athletic competition.