You have got to be kidding…

I’m probably late adding this, but the bile has built up and is threatening to cause a flare-up similar to that suffered by the Glorious Leader of the ALP, Mark Latham (Shut up, Mark Latham).
I was pointed to a recent article in the Australian and am now suffering absolute outrage.
Firstly, Clive Hamilton can bite me.
Secondly, as if any self-respecting porn hound is going to be inhibited by any policy they can come up with. I am assured it is not that difficult to circumvent that type of nannyish venture.
Thirdly, “No man who regularly uses pornography can have a healthy sexual relationship with a woman”.
The Evil Pidgeon could easily be described as a porn hound, and without getting too personal, I can tell you that things are quite healthy, thank you very much.
Shut up, Clive Hamilton, Carmen Lawrence and Lindsay Tanner.
*Pardon any incoherence. The Tart is slightly inebriated, as is the Tart’s wont.



  1. Dave J

    “Thirdly, ‘No man who regularly uses pornography can have a healthy sexual relationship with a woman’.”
    File this under Too Much Information if you want, but from firsthand experience I can say that that’s empirically false. 😉

  2. Nancy

    I like to look at porn sometimes myself; but I almost always end up getting turned off by it, and it’s not just because the usual boredom sets in. I’m bothered by two aspects: first, it’s all so blatantly male focused and I can never find the sort of stuff I’m longing to see. Second,one doesn’t have to scratch the surface too deeply or look too long to get annoyed with the “suck it, bitch” aggressive, hostile quality of so many of the sites. So much of it seems to center around a childish, using/abusing/laughing at her later mentality. I have had endless debates with my guy about this: he says that I’m reading it wrong and what is really being pandered to is the male fantasy of an always available, up for it, gagging for it woman who will never reject him, unlike real life. Fine, but if that’s really the point, then why is all the name calling and hostility that seems to be just beneath the surface necessary?
    I also don’t think that it’s beyond the pale to worry about kids and access to internet porn.
    I’m not sure whether you have children, but I do, including a 13 year old son. I don’t want him seeing images of “gang raped teen” and all that other rubbish. I’m also worried about how easy it is to stumble unwittingly onto a site. I was once looking for a swimsuit for my daughter, and I ended up on a nauseating sexual torture site, because I had misplaced one letter. I don’t want a lot of preachy, know it all interference with internet accessibility of most interests, either; but as a parent, I feel that it shouldn’t be so easy to link to such exteme images.

  3. John Anderson

    Hmm, Nancy may have a point about how easy it is to find and/or how difficult to block: too bad the group that administers domains told the pornography people that their proposal for an “XXX” domain could not be done as no more domains could be added – then a year later added seven new domains…
    Someone once told me that since it had been shown that over seventy per cent of Death Row inmates had looked at porn it should obviously be totally outlawed. I replied that I knew somethng one-hundred per cent had done: drink water. Ban Di-hydrogen Monoxide!

  4. The Pink-Toothed Tart

    Nancy, I don’t disagree with you at all about the hostility of many porn sites, nor your concerns about your children possibly seeing these sites.
    What I do disagree with is the ALP’s half-assed attempt to combat it.
    I do not have children myself (not counting my incredibly retarded felines), but if I did I would not want it to be so easy for them to stumble across hardcore/violent porn.
    The problem as I see it is, that while political parties can bring in legislation to try to ban it, people will find ways around it – The Evil Pidgeon alone has shown me many ways of getting around restrictions on looking at things you are not supposed to be looking at.
    Also, of course, I am pissed at politicians saying that, to keep kids from looking at porn, we want to make it so that adults can’t look at it either. Much of it is indeed crap, but if adults want to see it, they should be able to.
    Sure, it would be awesome if there were some way we could keep adult freedom of choice and protect our innocent kiddies’ eyes, but I frankly cannot think of one. If the kids want to see porn, of whatever kind, they will damn well find it.