Smear Jobs

Want to see a smear job? Go check out this CNN transcript of today’s Crossfire. It’s Carville and Lanny Davis screaming at John O’Neill of the Swift vets – and O’Neill can’t get a word in edgewise. It’s really nice – really shows you what Davis and Carville are made of. If they were my neighbors, I’d move.
How do you answer a smear job like this one in The New Republic? Um, you say “bring it on?”
What did I tell you here about how the press would respond to the Swift boat vets’ allegations? That they would answer the points raised, without actually exposing those points to the public? I thank you for your applause. For my next trick, I will prove the NY Times is biased. I know I’m impressive, but please, hold your applause until the end of this entry.
Speaking of stupid beyond belief, here’s lionizing John Perry Barlow, civil liberties advocate par excellence. The article goes to great pains to point out how Barlow championed the application of the 4th Amendment to email, leading a fight to get the courts to conclude that seized email is just like seized papers, which are a thing, a piece of property, falling under the protection of the 4th Amendment. A little later on in the Reason article, Barlow’s Internet Declaration of Independence is praised, in part for this declaration:

Your legal concepts of property, expression, identity, movement, and context do not apply to us. They are based on matter. There is no matter here.

That strikes me as an incredibly stupid and inconsistent position to take for a man who resolutely insists that the 4th Amendment requires cops to get a warrant before they look at computer communications, because such communications are “just like personal papers.”
No property rights in E-Commerce, eh? I guess Reason has finally gone completely insane, and come to form a new kind of libertarianism, Marxo-Libertarianism. This new kind of libertarianism, that only a few masters of snark at Reason fully understand, is just like the old kind of libertarianism, but instead of private property forming the basis of society and the sole reason for the government to exist, the new Marxo-libertarianism starts from the premise that attempts to assert ownership over property (i.e. private property per se) is wrong.
They really need to change the name of that rag, from “Reason” to “No Critical Faculties.”
Finally, soon-to-be-former Governor of New Jersey McGreevey will be stepping down, because in his words, he is a gay American.
And yes, true to form, the loonies at Duncan Black’s [H]atrios and the surprisingly mainstream posters at Dumocratic Underground are saying it’s the result of a Republican plot.
You know, if a sparrow falls in Kamchatka, to most loyal Dems, I think it is the fault of the Republicans.
It must be horrible to live with that kind of warped hatred.



  1. Scott

    The free pass the main stream press in giving Kerry is cutting short the Presidential vetting process. If elected, will the country regret and despise both Kerry and the press over their hidden agenda? I’ll bet they will. BTW, what is Kerry’s position on Iraq again? I’m confused after hearing a different nuanced position every time he gives a speech to new constituency.

  2. sds

    I think they’ll despise Kerry. I’m not so sure on the press, since they get to spin their own view of themselves, but, maybe it will drive more people to FoxNews.
    I can tell my local paper is trying its hardest to appear unbiased. Every time the editorials bash Bush for 3 paragraphs, they end with a one-liner about how it will either be no different with Kerry OR that it is unknown what Kerry’s stance is.