Trust me, it can only help

Britons are taking so much Prozac that traces of the antidepressant are finding their way into British rivers and resevoirs.

The government’s chief environment watchdog recently held a series of meetings with the pharmaceutical industry to discuss any repercussions for human health or the ecosystem, it said.
The drug found its way into the water supply from treated sewage water, the paper said.
However, the government’s Drinking Water Inspectorate said Prozac was likely to be found in such a “watered down” form that it was unlikely to pose a health risk, The Observer reported.

My anecdotal opinion? Why not? It’ll help relax that famous collective stiff upper lip. And folks who are worried about it can help support their local plumbers by having a filtering device installed on their sinks and showers. And they can champion their local or otherwise favorite bottled-water brands. (No points for weasel-water from Evian or Perrier, similar only in their flat taste and inability to quench thirst.)
A profoundly un-libertarian position perhaps, but an uncomfortably personal one that I will gladly stand by.



  1. Al Maviva

    What are all the ramifications of this? That you can eat all the fish & chips you want, but now you feel happy about being a fat fuck? That people other than terminal-stage masochists will attempt to swim the Channel? That visiting Frenchmen will want to take showers, and feel good about it?
    Thanks, but I think I’ll just stick to the latest in self-administered Irish, Scottish, and Kentucky mood elevators.

  2. Paul Bennett

    My innner tin-foil-hat-wearer is saying “From treated sewage? Yeeeeaaaaaah…. okaaaaaay”. This is the stuff of which entire novels are made.

  3. Expat in London

    If the anal retentive British ever do lose their “collective stiff upper lip,” oh my gawd! The shite will fly!