Falling Swiftly

Those 260 guys I served with? They were all a little bit nutty, a little bit slutty. It depends on what “is” means. I don’t think that’s been proved. I, did not have sex, with that woman, Ms. Lewisnki.
Get ready for a tidal wave of Terry MacAuliffe-driven propaganda fecal matter to wash over us, starting Tuesday or Wednesday. Brace yourselves.
I wish I could be proud that I predicted this planned Dem smear job on the Swift boat vets, which I did in fact predict right here. I quote:

The Swift vets leadership had better have no extramarital affairs, public or private controversies, business ties to Halliburton, or angry ex-wives lurking in the closet.

Oddly, I’m not proud of my prescience. Assuming the story at that link is true, and I have no reason to believe it is not – then all this hit job means, when you get down to it, is that the Democratic Party, representing roughly one half of my country, is in the hands of a pack of pustulent, turd-chomping, power-crazed, vicious scumbags. Kerry said he was a hero in the ‘Nam. The Swift boat vets said he isn’t. So the Dems are employing six staffers, full time (and God alone knows how many private investigators), to get their bottom-feeding pals in the mass media to try to destroy the Swift boat vets’ lives.

That’s a pretty sad commentary on the country I’ve always been proud of, and a pretty sad commentary on about one half of our citizens, and pretty much the entirety of the mass media. That one half of the country supports these rotten bastards tells you that one half of the country is either vicious, or so terminally stupid as to justify a return of eugenics. How could anybody fall under the sway of such a group otherwise?
Former White House Counsel C. Boyden Gray noted a few years back that he hated talking to the NY Times. He would make his argument to their reporter, and the next day, the story would run – absent his points, but with a point-by-point rebuttal by some lefty. Get ready for the same thing to happen to the Swift boat vets – media smear jobs to follow, but there will be no mention of their factual allegations targeting Kerry.
So hold on to your hats, as the 60’s anti-war left used to say, a real shitstorm is coming. The only thing that is certain about this, is that when the media is done spinning for the Dems, the public will be sick of the Republican party’s mean-spiritedness. Yes, you heard that here first too – the media will destroy the Swifties at the behest of the DNC, and the Republicans will get blamed.
And yes, that’s another little prediction I’m certain of, but not proud of being able to make. Not in the least.



  1. Al Maviva

    Hi Leni. Thanks for commenting. Are you one of Sorosí paid blog commenters, who run around peeing in various blog comments sections with DNC prepared talking points? Just wondering. You are going after some very modest-sized fish if you are sticking your bait out here. I’m flattered if you are one of the troops.
    And for the record, Iím not a hypocrite on this issue. Bush isnít running on the platform of being a Viet Nam war hero, he isnít claiming to have won a bunch of medals, and we havenít had any news of any teams of RNC researchers spreading the personal details of Bush detractors around in order to smear them.
    In litigation parlance, we call what Kerry has done with his campaign ďopening the door.Ē The defendant in any trial has the right to keep his mouth shut, but if he opens his yap and states things as fact, then he has “opened the door” to being rebutted in kind. If that is fair at trial, itís certainly fair in politics, where the other admissible evidence includes hearsay, sheer rumor, innuendo, and in your case, name-calling.
    I suggest that you keep your ad hominem whining to yourself until you are prepared to respond on the merits.

  2. M. Simon

    O’Neal (I think) is a trial lawyer. He has been through this kind of crap for years. Decades. I hear he is real good. He exposes lies for a living.
    My guess is that he has a devastating riposte prepared.
    This is a military campaign. It is prepared to TAKE ADVANTAGE of enemy counter attacks.
    The Dems have admitted that if the smears don’t stick they are sunk. O’Neal knows this too. I can’t wait for the smears to start. It will sink Kerry faster.
    Watch. There is a master at work. It ain’t Kerry.
    He used the Dems first “threat” to get huge publicity on a small budget. Now the donations are rolling in. “Unfit” is at the top of the Amazon Charts yet isn’t due out ’til next Sunday.
    Why Sunday? Well it is the 15th. That does not seem like a good enough reason. Maybe the Sunday talk shows. They all have to do it for fear of missing a scoop? I’m sure it will be evident after it happens.
    This campaign is designed, so that when they are done with him, Kerry won’t even be able to get the child molester vote with the offer of free children.

  3. M. Simon

    Predicting the smear is easy. This is politics.
    Predicting an effective ripposte is hard. It takes strategic and tactical genius.
    Pay attention.
    I believe you are about to see something you did not predict.
    By going the shit storm route the Kerry people prove they have no defence. This opens them to a counter stroke. I’m not well enough versed to know what it will or ought to be. It will be interesting.

  4. Al Maviva

    The one defense that has always worked for me, is “objection, your honor. Irrelevant.” I wonder if that would work in a PR campaign in a political election. “This smear is irrelevant. What does Joe Blow’s divorce in 1989 have to do with John Kerry’s lies, abuout what John Kerry did, in 1968?”
    Hmmm… I’m not sure that works, at least not in the absence of a supine media that praises your source for his “compartmentalization.”
    You are of course correc t – predicting the smear is pretty easy. You can see it coming a mile off. Predicting the counterstroke is a bit harder. Maybe tales of John F.K. cavorting with PI hookers? Who knows…

  5. Dave J

    Lehi, do you know what the F-104 Delta Dagger was designed for that GWB flew in the TX Air National Guard? One purpose, and it wasn’t guarding the border against Mexico as I’m sure you’d snarkily suggest: rather, it was to shoot down Soviet strategic bombers on their way to nuke American cities. We can all be grateful that that never proved necessary, but it’s hardly as though it was unthinkable at the time.
    They also serve who only stand and wait.