As advertised

I have Clive Thompson’s Slate article on computer games to thank for pointing me in the direction of a site which has just demolished the better half of my morning: Truly, the title does not disappoint.
Its raison d’tre, in my humble opinion, are the delectably snarky multi-page episode reviews, which are aeons removed from the terse synopses found on most TV guide pages. I have read posts by several different authors, and truly, this is cultural satire that Christopher Buckley or Joe Queenan would be proud to have written.
Doppelganger quite hilariously deflates The West Wing’s bloated self-importance. Heathen makes lunchmeat of the once-great ER. I may love Oz, but Couch Baron helps me see the lighter side of all that shanking, anal sex and drug taking:
Gym. Schillinger and Said confer quietly, much to the consternation of their respective followers….In the cafeteria, Said placates his men with this: “Like it or not, that man is a child of God. Now I have made a commitment to Allah to defend the rights of all prisoners inside of Oz, not just the ones of color. Not just the ones who believe what we believe or who pray as we pray.” In much the same spirit, Schillinger informs his crew, “That nigger’s gonna get me out of here.” And just when you thought these two were going to sit down and sing “Ebony and Ivory” to each other. I would have enjoyed that.
Critics’ raves do not confer immunity. The much-lauded Six Feet Under comes in for a savage lambasting from Aaron, who admits
I may be in a slightly snarkier mood than normal.
And how. He slickly exposes the manufactured Quirks™ of SFU’s pseudo-faux-magic-realism.
And the above are all shows that I like and watch. I haven’t yet had the heart to visit the TWoP pages on such televisual pollutants as The Simple Life, The Anna Nicole Show, Newlyweds, Temptation Island, or WWF Smackdown.
I think I am going to be spending a ludicrous amount of time here.