Kerry on the sweet wayward road…

Does anybody else find it ironic, that Hillary Clinton is providing political advice, warning him to carefully calibrate the 9/11 imagery at the Republican national convention? It’s clear, she doesn’t want him to overplay his hand. Now why in the world would she do that?

Here’s two possibilities.
1. She perceives the threat, and in typical blunt Hillary fashion, thinks Bush is probably the right guy to deal with it.
2. She wants Bush to get it just right, blow Kerry out, thereby paving the way for an HRC for President campaign in 2008.
It should be noted, the two possibilities are not mutually exclusive.



  1. Alan K. Henderson

    If HRC/2008 is their plan, Dean/Kucinich would be a better ticket for 2004. Too obvious, I guess.
    Here’s a speculation to gnaw on. Hillary wants the Presidency, but doesn’t take for granted she can win it. By joining the Senate she’s hedging her bets and paving the way to become Senate Majority Leader.

  2. Sam

    :::in English child’s voice::: Please sir, no more Clintons. I can’t bear eight more years of it.”