Potpouri of Putrid Pustulence

Hmm. You know, last night, John Kerry expressly rejected the notion of pre-emptive war. That’s a great idea when you are on a playground. You always let the other guy take the first swing, that way he gets the double-dose of detention for it. Besides, how bad can it hurt?
Unfortunately when we leave the 4th grade, and we join the brotherhood of nations, our brother nations are armed with nukes, gas-enhanced explosives, C-4, Ebola, Smallpox, anthrax, sarin, tanks, jets, and did I mention nukes? So letting the other guy take the first swing can be a rather lethal way of impressing the other kids on the playground of our sporting intentions.
John Kerry also wants Osama tried in a U.S. court if he’s captured. It kinda tells you how bass-ackwards the left is, when you recall that Jose Padilla (dirty bomber) and Yaser Esam Hamdi (American-born Taliban), who are American citizens, don’t get to enjoy that right – but admitted murderer Osama bin Laden would. Newsflash, folks – that bastard has confessed numerous times. I think that counts as a guilty plea, and I don’t think we should waste time trying him. As far as I’m concerned, the first Spec 4 who gets hands on him, has dibs. So much the better if it’s a female MP with a dog chain, a camera, and a couple Newport menthols.
Red Meat. If you aren’t reading it, you are just plain wrong. There’s dozens of characters, but my favorites are Bug Eyed Earl and Nick. I like Nick because he reminds me of me. Oh yeah… he’s an idiot.

And now for something completely different… Is it just me, or are Joaquin Phoenix and Gary Oldman the two creepiest bastards to clutter up the silver screen, ever? When I watched The Fifth Element, I was so revolted by Oldman that I wanted to run up to the front of the theater and punch out the movie screen. And I’m always creeped out by Phoenix; he drips creepiness in a way that must make Jude Law turn green with envy. And while we’re on creeped out, how ’bout Mariska Hargitay? No, she doesn’t creep me out at all, she’s just the opposite. And she’s basically sex on legs – I guess her bod isn’t that hot, by my goodness, those cheekbones and cat eyes… It’s almost enough to make me watch Law & Order Sexual Sex Sex Sex (I think that’s the name of the one she’s on, right?) on a regular basis.
Some French Taliban held at Guantanamo are now saying it was “like hell.” I’m not surprised they’d say that – I understand the Marines used to make them shower every other day. Musta been awful. And while we’re at it, is there anything more odious than a French Islamacist? Maybe a French Islamacist Pederast, perhaps… although one wonders if the first two categories don’t simply max out the odium meter on their own.



  1. gus

    And also the entire criminal Bush maladministration up before a court. Rummy for war crimes, Cheney for war profiteering. Oh, wait the Republican party decriminalized war profiteering. So I guess Cheney gets a pass

  2. Al Maviva

    Aww, Uncle Gus. How many times do we have to tell you to keep taking your thorazine? Now here, take these pills, and get back into the attic.
    And don’t come down until you get some clothes on. And by “clothes”, I’m not referring to the stocking sock you have taped to your johnson. That doesn’t count. Now don’t make me call the men in white jackets…