DNC Press Release

Washington, SOL Newswire – DNC Chairman Terry MacAuliffe today questioned the timing of an apparent Republican leak involving former National Security Advisor Sandy Berger and the Administration’s National Archive Staff’s failure to maintain accountability over government documents.
MacAuliffe also questioned the Pentagon’s rediscovery of President Bush’s military pay records, which were thought to have been lost. “It’s mighty curious,” said the DNC chair, “that these records come out just three days before the start of the Democratic National Convention. We think the Republicans are doing this to draw attention away from our event, which will be pivotal to the Kerry campaign.
The DNC chief added that “it’s really scandalous when the Republican President can set the political agenda in this country, and when you look around, you see it happening all the time.”
MacAuliffe added that “it’s awfully coincidental, don’t you think, that the federal government’s fiscal year ends September 30. This means that the budget fight always falls just 34 days before the election. Isn’t this just a little too coincidental?”

Other events with suspicious timing cited by MacAuliffe included President Bush’s announcement that he was running for re-election, which fell on January 6, just 23 days prior to the Rhode Island Democratic Primary; House Speaker Dennis Hastert taking the floor to call into recess the House of Representatives, which occured July 14, a “symbolic 14 days” prior to the Democratic Convention; and the war in Iraq, which “has all but pushed Democratic candidates out of the news.”
MacAuliffe added that some recent events involving Republicans were legitimately newsworthy and did not raise serious questions relating to timing. He cited such events as “the discovery of the Republican voter registration of nearly two thirds of the troops involved in abusing poor helpless would-be-immigrants at Abu Ghraib prison,” Jenna Bush’s getting cited for underage drinking, and George Bush’s mountain bike spill, along with the year-long impeachment saga of Republican Governor Rowland in Connecticut. “That last one we’re not sure about. I think the Rowland debacle was staged just to keep Joe Lieberman from building Joe-mentum during the primaries, but some people like Chris Lehane would tell you it happened because Republicans can’t help themselves, what with being the subhuman corrupt reptilian beasts that they are. But I think the jury is still out, and I’m willing to give them the benefit of a doubt on that issue.” said MacAuliffe. “But then there’s their national convention, which falls just before the Presidential election. If they had any decency, it would be after. Their pathetic attempt to gain a political “bounce” from the convention is completely transparent.”
At the same time, MacAuliffe hinted that other events were planned by Republicans for the purpose of hurting Democrats, such as the 9/11 attacks which were timed so as to give the Republicans nearly a year to build a national security policy; and the Whitewater investigation, which occurred within the statute of limitations.
“You could say one or two of these things are sheer coincidences. But when they happen again and again, reasonable people start to see connections, like my friend Mike Moore was telling me.”
Lanny Davis had no comment with respect to the timing of the leaks, and Republican countercharges that certain Democrats were manipulating all political situations in which they were involved, so as to claim to be victims of Republican political timing.



  1. Al Maviva

    I question the timing of your remarks, Sasha. They are clearly political, and timed in such a way as to influence either the election, the Democratic National Convention, the Major League Baseball All-Star Game, the Olympics, the SuperBowl, or Leap Year. It is true to form that a conservative type like yourself would lower the tone of civil discourse by inejcting that type of suspiciously-timed, partisan, political comment. I for one, am shocked and disturbed by this trend.

  2. Alan K. Henderson

    If I were to emigrate to the UK and run for office, maybe there’d be some British counterpart to McAuliffe questioning the timing of my birth (Guy Fawkes Day, 1960).