USA Airline Incident: No Safer after 9-11, Part II

Annie Jacobsen’s article on a possible terrorism dry run, on an American airline has sparked a fair amount of controversy.
I mentioned it a couple of days ago.
Here is part two of her article.
I watched her on TV last night and she didn’t seem an alarmist, nutcase or racist. She pretty much stuck to her story.
There was a large amount of discussion of this issue, at my blog gig, and in the blogsphere. Even the regular media outlets finally got on the story. Though as usual it was up to the blog people to get the facts.
This article seems to answer who the people on the flight were, members of Nour Mehana’s band.
So, perhaps it was totally innocent.
And it seems, as Al Maviva, said, that the US is doing a good job at catching terrorist, and guarding the skies.
But, I still think Annie is right and we need to stay vigilant and be ready. Because the terrorist have not stopped trying.