When life gives you lemons…

For reasons that need not concern us, I have just acquired a large quantity of lemons… about two dozen or so. I’ve already made a batch of Creepy Alien Cookies in their original lemon incarnation, and soon to come is “Tom Paine’s” roast lemon chicken.
Any readers with favorite recipes involving lemons are requested to contribute them in the comments section.



  1. BigFire

    Well, don’t do what some moron did in Los Angeles. They went out in a dry brush area and target fire some shot, setting off a wild fire.

  2. Colt Springfield

    Sasha,from “American Western Cooking”,I’ve got 2 recipes.(A)Organic Arugula in “Cowboy” Flat bread W/spiced lemon vinaigrette (B)Spit-Roasted Chicken marinated in lemon & garlic w/ warm potato salad.
    I’ve got a bunch of southwestern/Mexican/cowboy cookbooks,I can find more if you’d like.
    I AM hetero,just a Texan that likes good “tucker”.
    I’m not exactly “speedo” w/ typing,so,if interested let me know & I can scrounge up some more recipes.

  3. yobbo

    My favourite lemon recipe, very easy to prepare and always popular:
    Tequila Body Shots
    4 lemons
    1 bottle of Tequila
    Shaker of salt
    Find an attractive member of the opposite sex and lick each others neck and apply salt. Pour tequila into 30ml measures. Slice lemons into wedges.
    Lick salt from partner’s neck, knock back the shot and then retreive lemon slice from their mouth. Reverse and repeat as necessary.