Itty-Bitty Balls of Bloviation

Since it’s an election season, can we just concede that all conservatives, libertarians, Republicans, and the like, are a bunch of hideously deformed cross-burning, Black-lynching, Jim Crow-loving racist fucks?
Oh, I don’t mean to say that said people are racist. In my experience, they aren’t racist, and in fact are desparate to prove that they aren’t.
It’s just that we could save an awful lot of repetitive speeches from the Democrats if we could just use some shorthand for evil racist Republicans, like Rush Limbaugh uses “Ditto” to save time.
Really – I get so tired of hearing the same bullshit speech about how Republicans hate Blacks, that I can’t listen to anything else in the speech – and lately, comments on how all Republicans are racist are usually the lead-in for Kerry events, to warm up the crowd the way a B-list comedian warms up the crowd with lame observational humor. Some helpful shorthand for evil Black-and-Hispanic-Hating-Republicans would be helpful here. Perhaps calling us the “lynch mob mafia,” or taking a clue from E-Commerce honchos, like “R-Bigots.” That would allow me to ignore that part of the message and concentrate on the really useful and positive parts of the Dem message that are meant to reach open-minded people like me – parts of the message like the part about Republicans hating all poor people, or wanting to pull a Matthew Shephard on all gay people.
You’d think I’d be upset by this. Nahhh, it’s just politics. There’s nothing wrong with calling roughly half the country a bunch of retrograde bigoted reactionary racist pigs — no moreso than calling an opponent a child molestor or a dog-buggerer. You see, it’s just politics, you racist shitheads. So go burn your crosses, and get over it… *
I notice that the Belgravia Dispatch’s merciless hammering on Josh Marshall and [H]ambassador Joe Wilson continues apace. Josh Marshall has apparently started to back off some of his claims regarding Wilson – you’ll remember, Marshall’s original stories had the loons over at my favorite partisan hate site, [H]atrios’ Esshiton (phonetic) crowing that Dick Cheney would be frog marched out of the Naval Observatory. (The Veep’s official housing unit). Sadly for the lefties, it didn’t pan out, and now it appears that Wilson Lied, people died. So Marshall, who has something like a journalistic career going on when he’s not too busy makin’ shit up to support the DNC’s talking points, has to back off a bit or face a complete loss of credibility among the four people outside of his political camp who still give his stories a modicum of credence. So I’m wondering if the folks at [H]atrios are going to disown him – and start talking about how he’d be a better journalist, if he wasn’t so busy fellating the RNC?

Wretchard at the consistently excellent Belmont Club notes with interest that some very smart folks, including Bat Yeor, David Warren and Nelson Ascher all doubt our ability to win the war we’re in. They are all starting from a premise that we are indeed at war with Islam, or at least a substantial chunk of it. Therefore, they argue, we are not yet able to win it because (1) we are too politically correct to say we are fighting against a religious sect (fundamentalist Wahabbism) (Warren); (2) that politicians are actually unable to voice this truth – there would be real political backlash (Bat Yeor); and (3) that the West is really squeamish about dancing around in other people’s blood in the total war mode, something that is an unappeaseable, full time occupation/hobby for the radicalized Arab and Muslim population.
I’m not sure what I think about this. If we really are at war with a religion, then it’s time to sharpen the long knives and go to work. We can win, but Western society will be violently riven, and those nations and men that take up the fight will suffer the recriminations of the “Brotherhood of Nations” as well as their own soft countrymen. I don’t think Wahabbism has any chance of displacing any Western nations that choose to fight it. I do think, however, that the pacifist left (and much smaller pacifist right) could pretty easily destroy the West from within. Goddamit – everywhere I look it feels like 1683 Vienna.
Orson Scott Card hits it out of the park on the election question.

We have a war going on. Anybody who’s serious about winning it cannot consider, even for a moment, voting for Kerry. No other issue compares to that one.
We can’t afford to be stupid this year.
Yeah, that about sums it up.
Oh, fer Allah’s sake
*Yes – that part of the post was about chin-deep in sarcasm. I am thoroughly pissed at being classed as a racist by people who have never met me. Race-baiting is a disgusting, scummy habit on their part, and I’m not impressed.