Japan is holding former World Chess Champion, Bobby Fisher, after he tried to leave that country with an invalid US passport.
Fischer, 61, was detained at Narita Airport outside Tokyo while trying to board a Japan Airlines flight for the Philippines on Tuesday, according to friends and airport officials. The U.S. Embassy confirmed Fischer was detained.
Hey, we can’t catch Islamo terrorists, but we can nab guys who are packing rooks!

It was not immediately clear if Fischer would be extradited to the United States, where he is wanted for playing a 1992 chess match in the former Yugoslavia in violation of international sanctions. Japan and the United States have an extradition treaty.
Yes, that dangerous violation of international law, unsanctioned chess matches. Better lock Fisher up before he castles again.
Then again he did break the law in for his own personal gain, and that should not just be let go.
“He didn’t know that his passport had been revoked,” said Watai, a member of the Japan Chess Association. “He had been traveling frequently over the past 10 years, and there was never a problem. I don’t understand why his passport was revoked all of a sudden.”
Gee, Watai, maybe that whole pesky 9-11 thing is making the US more interested in not letting law breakers fly all over the world? With the heightened security it was only a matter of time before Fisher was identified and arrested.
In the radio interviews, Fisher praised the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, saying America should be “wiped out,” and described Jews as “thieving, lying bastards.” His mother was Jewish.
Yes, I bet that was one reason the US had started looking for him again. Advocating the destruction of your home country tends to be frowned upon by the government.
Filipino Grandmaster Eugene Torre, another longtime friend of the former champion, said Fischer had been planning to seek political asylum in Switzerland and was caught off guard by the arrest. “Poor Bobby,” he said.
I can’t really say that my heart breaks for the guy. He’s a jerk and deliberately did things to piss off the USA. If he was really as smart as he thinks he is, then he would have asked France or Switzerland to grant him citizenship a long time ago.
The only asylum he is going to get now is if he pleads insanity, and they put him in Sing Sing.



  1. M. Scott Eiland

    Those wily Japanese so-and-so’s. . .they’re obviously trying to corner the market on psychotic anti-Semitic cheerleaders for the enemies of the human race! I’m telling you, I’m going to be really, really mad if they abduct Michael Moore and drag him off to the Land of The Rising Sun to do unpleasant things to him as part of their insidious plot!
    [Scott waits in vain for the sound of a harpoon hitting blubber.]
    Damn. I was hoping they’d fall for that.

  2. deathbychocolate

    Oh, come on Scott. The Japanese need a reason to piss people off. They aren’t gonna do stuff to spike.. uh, spite… you, just to spite you. Might work with the Russians though 😉

  3. Al Maviva

    Hey, we can’t catch Islamo terrorists, but we can nab guys who are packing rooks!
    Come on Steve, we’re doing a bit better than that.
    Padilla, Reid, the Lackawanna Six, the Portland Eight, the Northern Virginia Jihadists; Khalid Muhammed’s Cleveland bridge & mall bombing group – not to mention 650 fine examples of human dross in Gitmo, the people supposedly held all over the world by the CIA, Abu Ghraib, etc.
    I’d say we’re doing a fair job of capturing Islamofascists. The Supreme Court has decided to make it really hard to hang onto them, and has thereby disincentivized the process – but it seems like we’re able to nab a good number of them, if we want to.
    Besides, the schizophrenic Fisher (he’s mentally ill, I’m not insulting him here) thinks the Jews committed the 9/11 atrocity, we had it coming, etc. Mentally, he’s not far different from our terrorist enemies – emotionally disturbed, America hating, etc.

  4. TK

    as far as the US capturing islamoterrorist, that is a load of crap. THey are just catching people who ‘fit the discription’. as far as the US catching Bobby Fisher, that was definatly needed, we should have caught that bastard, maybe now the youth of america will know not to pick up a deadly bishop, and send an opponant to and unforseeable chackmate. I know for a fact that when i get home i am throwing away my Chutes and Ladders, because as self proclaimed champion of the world I know that Homeland Security and all of its partners are coming for me.

  5. M. Scott Eiland

    [Scott looks at TK’s comments and shakes his head sadly]
    God, I never thought that I’d look back at Mithras’ comments and think they represented the Golden Age of trolling on this site.

  6. steven saporito

    Scott, it was kind of hard to tell if TK was going for troll, or troll-lite/humor.