A new look

Our Web god Mike has created a new Art Deco-inspired look for us. Pretty spiffy, dontcha think? Thanks, dearest Mike, for the beautiful work.
And yes, I am back, freshly visa-ed once again, with a sprained ankle for my troubles (fell off a ladder…don’t ask). Auckland is cold this time of year. And my Lan Chile flight, to my slight surprise, went off without a single hitch. Departed and arrived on time, had the seat-back video on-demand, and friendly bilingual staff. Highly recommended, should you ever need to make the Sydney-Auckland run and don’t wish to patronize Emirates or Qantas.



  1. BigFire

    So, is there going to be an gallery of Danger Girl that no longer grace your front page?

  2. Sporkadelic

    Spiffy, yes! But why “sashacastel.com” at the top of the page? I’m puzzled.

  3. James

    Welcome back and yes, the new look is good. Much easier colors on the ocular nerves.
    And considering your travel, the travel link, demonstrating accomplishments of the digital age, is http://www.airlinemeals.net. I’ll freely admit the accomplishment here is debatable, but it’s there.

  4. steven saporito

    Sheesh, now it looks like a girlie blog.
    /steve makes a note to toss in an article on car repair, guns or cooking.
    Whaddaya mean cooking ain’t manly?
    /steve goes gets the roadkill deer from the freezer, fires of a couple of rounds, and throws it on the barbie
    I guess on a full belly I like the new look.

  5. Mike

    Sashacastel.com was my own mistake – I forgot that she had lost the domain name. I’m gonna change it as soon as she tells me what she wants it say. In order to make it more manly for Steve though, how ’bout “Sasha’s Guns, Guts, and Grenades page”…?
    Don’t know how well that would go over with the opera buffs, however. 😉