Hi ho Sasha, away!

I’ll be away from home until late Monday night, on another trans-Tasman visa-renewal jaunt. Anyone in Auckland wanting to buy me food, gifts, or intoxicating substances is welcome to leave a comment or write me at sasha-at-coldfury-dot-com. Sydneysiders, I’ll be visiting your fair ville tonight and Monday, so if you want to hook up just write, or better yet leave a comment.
Be good everyone, and take care of the place until I get back. Who knows, I may even post something from abroad.



  1. Jeff Jansz

    Ha ha ha!
    If this was Tim Blair’s blog then cue Andreea Harris to bee a doberman bitch and bully evryone around for 3 days in da comments section.
    And then she’d ban my ip number ha ha haha!