More, on Moore

This is a reply to a comment #10 made to a Michael Moore piece I wrote. I think it helps flesh out the prior article so I wanted to front page it.
Seth, there were two points Moore was trying to make when he talked to Rep. Kennedy, about the military.
1)Do you have a son in the military?
Kennedy said he had no children in the military. The reason for that might be that all his children were under 18, except one, at the time Moore interviewed him, so they could not be in the military.
So, Kennedy mentioned that his relatives were in the military, and that he was very proud of them. That is certainly something that it would have been nice to see in the film.

2)Will you help me get other politicians to sign something that they would try to get a family member to sign up for the military?
Kennedy said “Yes, he would help Moore send the petition around”. I guess Moore was so shocked that a member of Congress would bring up military service, and that members of Congress would be willing to have their children in the military, that he left it out of the film.
Or the fact that Moore leaves those things out shows that this was not an honest exchange, and that Moore removed the essential truth of the encounter.
As for your contention that we have a military draft, rubbish. We he have a de facto military draft like we have a de facto NFL draft for every big guy in the country.
Plenty of middle and upper class people enlist in the military. Plenty of poor people get an education and/or work their asses off and get out of a “scratch” existence, without joining the military.
The “poor people” who do enlist in the military get various types of training, most of which benefit them when they go back in the civilian work force. They also get a chance at a fully paid education under the GI Bill.
As for the contempt you think exists among the “elite” against the military, I think you are dead wrong, especially after 9-11.
Just like I think Moore has been wrong on the majority of things he brings up in his movie.
If you want more fodder on Fahrenheit 9-11 go to
More Moore lies than you can shake a film camera at.