Pinocchio Syndrome

I can’t help but think Michael Moore has some sort of Pinocchio Syndrome, and that every time he lies, his gut swells.
Look how thin he was during Roger and Me. I thought that movie was pretty factual.
Some of the stuff he did on TV Nation skirted the edge of truth and had lots of propaganda put into it. He was starting to look unhealthy when the series was cancelled.
By the time Bowling for Columbine hit the screen he was puffed up to Brando-esq proportions with all his edits, obfuscations, non connections, hyperbole and lies.
Now he looks like he’s about to start attracting satellite moons.
I don’t think he’ll ever get to be a real boy at this rate.



  1. SethGecko13

    Do you mean “ROGER AND ME”? If you’re going to hurl ad hominem attacks in lieu of a real argument against the indictment of the corporate elite and the government that has whored itself out to them – shouldn’t you at least correctly reference his work?

  2. steven saporito

    Thanks for the fact check.
    You may have noticed the ad hominem hurlage happened after I already made several points that picked apart his arguments.
    Perhaps the humor eluded you?