The French Need Glasses

The French really need glasses and some anti-hysteria medication. I saw a report that there was a panther on the loose in Marseille, which I didn’t buy, as there were not details in the story like lots of dead house pets, or farm animals being killed.
Turns out I was right to be skeptical.
The southern French city of Marseille called off a three-week hunt for a black panther on Tuesday after the animal sighted by several residents turned out to be a large house cat.
Duh. People next time try to use perspective and figure out how big the kitty really is. I know the French tendency is to be frightened and surrender at the merest sign of danger, but, c’mon, don’t freak out over a kitty.

“The ‘panther’ is just a black house cat — a very big one though,” said a spokeswoman for the local prefecture, adding the animal was about 24 inches long and weighed some 22 pounds.
My mother had two cats that big. The neighbors never called the cops or Steve Irwin to come catch them.
Police deployed dozens of searchers this month after reports that a blank panther was roaming around the nearby Calanques area, popular with tourists for its creeks, rocks and beaches.
There is a lovely waste of tax dollars. I guess that doesn’t matter in a socialist country. I wonder if the search was limited because the cops were only allowed to work 30 hours a week?
Searchers finally caught up with the animal and identified it as a cat but were still unable to catch it, the spokeswoman added.
Look, morons, a jaguar is a member of the cat family too, but you should be able to differentiate Panthera onca from Felis domesticus. And why would you need to catch it, once you realize that it is only a house cat? And how sad is it that dozens of people can’t tranquilize and catch one little kitty?



  1. BigFire

    Well, at least they’re not running the continuing saga of the Hong Kong’s Yuen Long Crocodile that have baffled city officials and experts alike. Check out back issue of The Gweilo Diaries.

  2. steven saporito

    BigFire, I was following that silly story. The rather smart croc kept sleeping on the cages meant to catch him.
    I kept hoping he’d eat some of the stupid humans.

  3. BigFire

    Re: Steven
    Unfortunately, it would appear that they finally caught him, after 8 long months of freedom.

  4. steven saporito

    I saw that.
    At least they decided not to just shoot him.
    I hope that he gets released into a place with lots of fish, and not silly hunters.