Pants on fire

Christopher Hitchens lets all his considerable fury loose on the execrable Fahrenheit 911 and its corpulent auteur. Long and brilliant.
Incidentally, the majority of questions on Mikey’s FAQ page seem to deal with the fact that appparently people seem to confuse him with Roger Moore, the former James Bond actor and UNICEF spokesman.
I ‘m thinking this is a rather grandiose bit of projection on Mike’s part.



  1. Alan K. Henderson

    Maybe there’s a title for an anti-Michael Moore movie in this:
    Dr. Nonsense
    From Flint With Lies
    You Only Fisk Twice
    Idiotarians Are Forever
    The Slob Who Libeled Me
    The Man With The Palme D’Or
    A View To A Shill
    License To Shill
    The “Best Documentary” Oscar Is Not Enough
    Lie Another Day

  2. steven saporito

    Well, that saved me a movie ticket and two hours of fisking.
    Chris Hitchens did twice the job I would have done, and with a national audience about 100x the effect.

  3. robert

    All the comments in the article are true
    Fahrenheit 9/11 makes the following points about Bin Laden and about Afghanistan, and makes them in this order:
    1) The Bin Laden family (if not exactly Osama himself) had a close if convoluted business relationship with the Bush family, through the Carlyle Group.
    2) Saudi capital in general is a very large element of foreign investment in the United States.
    3) The Unocal company in Texas had been willing to discuss a gas pipeline across Afghanistan with the Taliban, as had other vested interests.
    4) The Bush administration sent far too few ground troops to Afghanistan and thus allowed far too many Taliban and al-Qaida members to escape.
    5) The Afghan government, in supporting the coalition in Iraq, was purely risible in that its non-army was purely American.
    6) The American lives lost in Afghanistan have been wasted. (This I divine from the fact that this supposedly “antiwar” film is dedicated ruefully to all those killed there, as well as in Iraq.)
    None of these are false.
    1. Oil men with Saudi connections, yep I have them too, so does everyone else invested in Royal Dutch/Shell, BP, and Exxon etc.
    2. I do not want to think what would happen is the Saudi no longer bought a huge amount of our bonds or stopped investing in the US. Anyone want to invest with me is welcome unless they are actively seeking the downfall of the US and/or are a convicted war criminal. Invest carefully.
    3. Well documented. While Afghanistan is laughingly called the low ground it is none the less the lower ground when compared to Nepal, Hindu Kush or any of the other 20,000 foot plus neighbors. Central Asia is a growing market and all players are being actively courted by US business.
    4. It is true that the exodus of the routed Taliban and camp followers mostly got past us and our allies. All NATO air mobile assets should have been placed at the disposal of the combatant commander not split between two different theaters.
    5. I hope so, the loyalty of many of the warlords is dubious, they aided us in the war but what fight do they have with Iraq, so use our army till the Afghans get there house in order.
    6. I do not want to die I want to accomplish my mission, among others is to have a clear line of fire no further than 300 meters from a left handed 6’5 Saudi of infamy. It is my mission to kill him not die. War is horrible, carnage, a waste and necessary.

  4. M. Scott Eiland

    I suspect the questioners actually want to know if Lord Pork-Pork has *eaten* Roger Moore–along with Mandy Moore and a few hundred cans of Dinty Moore.