Australia, Land Of the Rising Virgins

Australia, Land Of the Rising Virgins
WITH her huge smile, raucous laugh and tumbling curls, Anne Bennett knows she’s not what people expect of a 23-year-old virgin.
She sounds like Shirley Temple to me, and that pretty much means virgin.
“There’s this kind of image that people are virgins because they can’t get sex,” the North Sydney office administrator says. “But it’s just a stupid stereotype, and I want to show it isn’t true.”
It’s too bad the paper could not have included a picture so we could tell if Ms. Bennett was a virgin by choice or circumstance.
Ms Bennett is one of thousands of young Australians – part of a growing international abstinence movement – who have vowed to remain celibate until their wedding night.
Well, it can’t grow that much, as believers can’t breed at the rate of the general population.
But, if she wants to keep her Maiden Gift, more power to her. Your body, your choice.

Like rugby league footballer Jason Stevens, who two years ago published a book about his own vow of chastity, she is a member of the True Love Waits organisation.
I kept reading that as Tom Waits Organization and that was really cracking me up. I just can’t see the iconoclastic rocker being the poster boy for abstinence.
At a time when research shows Australians are having sex younger, and more often, it has become fashionable to declare your virginity.
Or born again virginity. It’s all good.
The youth abstinence movement in the US claims more than 200,000 devotees.
Really, I don’t buy that, either total professed numbers, or actual virgins. I tend to doubt self serving, self checked data like that. Are they testing that figure with lie detectors and physical exams?
True Love Waits and its Sydney offshoot, Worth The Wait, share a sleek website and are the most popular Australian versions of the global movement.
Nothing like a sleek website to get the young folks to give up sweaty bliss.
They are also cashing in on Christianity’s new cachet. Even pop stars like Britney Spears and Beyonce Knowles have cited faith in God as their main inspiration.
Really? Pardon me while I laugh myself hoarse.
Britney lied about being a virgin for years, lived in sin with her boyfriend, she had a 2 day marriage to another man, and she just stole away a guy from his pregnant fiancé. She has breast implants to improve her sex appeal, wears super skimpy clothes and has a clothing line that encourages young girls to dress like little ‘hos. I’m not seeing the Virgin Mary approach here.
As for Beyonce she refuses to do Playboy because of her “Christian” beliefs, but thinks nothing of wearing super skimpy outfits and doing the booty shake in every video, all for the delight of teenage boys everywhere.
Neither woman really inspires boys to want to keep it in their pants, or for little girls to be bastions of modesty and chastity. I think that God might be going, “I don’t even know these two women, so leave me out of this.”
Ms Bennett – who regularly attends the Baptist church at Glenorie, in Sydney’s north-west, where she was raised – is reluctant to link her vow with her faith. “Abstinence is such an old-fashioned word,” she says. “It’s not like a virgins’ club. It’s not like we get together and giggle and say: ‘Ooh, sex!’
I hate to break it to you darlin’ but you are the President of the Virgin’s Club, and a good giggle is being had at your expense.
“It’s just that we have so much sex around us all the time. Everything is about sex and to do with sex. “I like the idea of being the alternative, but I don’t like the idea of ramming it down people’s throats.
Damn, that sounds dirty. Are you sure you’re not leaving some details out of your story? I expect that is just more over sexualized American thinking.
“I just want young people to understand that, despite the fact sex is everywhere, not everyone is doing it.”
That is a good point. Despite my mockery I think that people should have respect for themselves and not just drop trou at every opportunity. My problem is the smarmy, holier than thou, attitude that is going around. Saving yourself is as valid a choice as practicing safe sex, assuming you are over 18. So, if you want to wait until you get that ring, and that honeymoon suite before you allow your lawfully wedded husband to touch you, then be my guest.
Well, not my guest, as I think it is a bit late for me to go the virgin route. Hmm, unless I convert to Islam. Wow, now I have some religious inspiration!