Jellybean man

I’m not sure why this particular story, of the mega-multitudes of words written about Reagan’s passing, affected me so, but I’m weird that way.
Jelly Belly Candy Co. Mourns Reagan, Its Biggest Fan
FAIRFIELD, Calif. — Black ribbons are affixed to the large jelly-bean mosaic portraits of Ronald Reagan (search) at the Jelly Belly Candy Co. (search)
The family-owned company that makes the tiny, intense-flavored candies owes a lot to the former president.
Reagan’s love for the candy “made us a worldwide company overnight,” said chairman Herman Rowland.
It all began in 1967, when the San Francisco Bay-area company started supplying Reagan, then serving his first term as California’s governor, with miniature jelly beans to help him quit smoking.
Reagan carried the tradition to the White House, where the company’s jelly beans became a must-have at Cabinet meetings.
The president, whose favorite flavor was licorice, ordered 7,000 pounds of Jelly Bellys for his 1981 inauguration, and Rowland traveled to Washington to help design a special jelly bean jar bearing the presidential seal.


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