Fugu? Hai!

Who says that science is not tackling the big problems? In Japan they figured out how to make a 200 a plate poisonous fish safe to eat. Still no safe way to eat your weight in Krispy Kremes, yet.
Eat Your Fugu, and Die of Cancer Like the Rest of Us
Blowfish has long been a delicacy only for the adventurous: every year in Japan, a few people are poisoned to death eating it. Now scientists have put a school of pufferfish on a special diet and come up with a version that tastes just like the real thing without the lethal consequences.
Eating pufferfish known in Japanese as “fugu” is not always so carefree. The powerful poison tetrodotoxin is found in the ovaries, liver and intestines, and only specially licensed chefs are qualified to prepare the fish for human consumption
“We believe that pufferfish acquire poison by eating poisonous food, such as starfish and shellfish, rather than producing it themselves. So we fed them nonpoisonous food,” Arakawa said.
He and his colleagues kept about 5,000 fugu on a strict regime of mackerel and other nonpoisonous food at seven locations along Japan’s west coast from 2001 to 2003.
They also raised their specimens in water at least 10 yards above the seafloor or in purified tanks to minimize their exposure to toxins.
Arakawa says it worked. For two years, the group examined the fish every month, and they all tested negative for tetrodotoxin each time.



  1. steven saporito

    C’mon, Myria there is always McDonald’s, KFC, and Steve H’s recipes(www.littletinylies.com) if you want suicide by food.

  2. steven saporito

    You have to get the Special Sauce! Now it comes with cyanide. Or not! You never know!

  3. Alan K. Henderson

    Maybe there’s a market for fast food fugu chains. Imagine the possibilities:
    Puff Daddy’s
    Hootie’s (remember Hootie and the Blowfish?)
    Kamikaze Grill

  4. steven saporito

    Alan that made my day.
    You should call P. Diddy and see about getting a chain of eateries off the ground.

  5. Bob

    Fugu without that special tingly numbness of the lips? What’s the point? Take away the tetrodotoxin, and all that’s left is some expensive spiky inflatable fish.