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Ron Reagan, RIP.
He was a beloved man, he was my Commander in Chief for several years, and he told this country to pick itself up, dust off its jacket, quit groveling, and get its chin up. We’re still feeling a boost from what Ron Reagan did for us – and it’s way more good stuff than I can get into here. Suffice to say, we’d be living in Jimmy Carter’s world, had Reagan not come along when he did. And that’s a grim alternative future. The nice thing about Ron, is you can pretty much figure out who you are talking to when Reagan’s name comes up. If somebody says they liked Ron, or admired him, they are probably politically conservative, or moderate. The rest of the spectrum usually starts drooling and twitching when Ronnie’s name comes up – which is a good thing. You can tell a lot about the quality of a person, by the enemies they’ve made. And Ronnie made all the right enemies. The ranting going on over at Kos and the rep-tarnishing at Atrios is. . . satisfying. And I mean that as a compliment.
In the spirit of Ron Reagan, you shouldn’t get too upset at what gets said on ueber-liberal chat board Democratic Underground. Like the Ronnie might tell you, DU is like most things found underground. It’s dank, damp, smelly, and wormy. If you don’t believe me, kick over a rock. Or check out the comments on Ron Reagan’s death.
Slimy. Icky. Eeeeeiuuwww.

Ever wondered how high you could stack shit? Check out this impeccably dishonest little anti-Bush video game, and find out.
Speaking of dishonest, Atrios today “proves” that Clinton was the most popular president ever, using some combination of polling, and cryptic comments. All this in an effort to disprove the commentary on Ron Reagan being popular.
Of course the man he boost, slickdick Willy Jefferson, never polled more than about 43% of the population in a presidential poll. In Reagan’s closest presidential victory in 1980, he carried 50.7% of the popular vote (to 40% for Carter), plus 10 times the electoral votes that Carter won, carrying 44 out of 50 states.
In 1984, Reagan won the electoral vote 524-13 over Walter Mondale, with nearly 60% of the popular vote, and winning 48 states.
Compare to Slick Willy’s 1992 win, a 370 – 168 electoral vote margin over Bush 41, and his 43% – 37% popular vote margin (with votes bleeding mainly from Bush to Ross Perot’s 19% showing. Slick Willy pulled roughly 32 states.
In 1996, Clinton faced the poorly run Dole campaign. Surely, he beat the piss out of Dole and shamed Reagan’s legacy, right? Well, not exactly. Clinton pulled just under 50% to Dole’s 42%, and Perot’s 8%. He pulled around 400 electoral votes, to Dole’s approximately 150. Clinton also took 31 states, to Dole’s 19.
No matter how you slice it, Clinton wasn’t as popular as Reagan. Clinton at his best pulled nearly as much of the popular vote as Reagan’s worst election, but still didn’t come close in the electoral vote, or states carried. Clinton’s best doesn’t compare to Reagan’s best; Clinton’s lesser performance in 1992 isn’t anywhere near to Reagan’s awesome reelection totals.
But that’s okay. If Atrios wants to redefine popularity, I suppose he can redefine popularity any way he wants. It’s a free world.
But in the only measure that counts, votes tallied – Reagan wins hands down.
(Re: those fact listed above: Infoplease – Info thanks.)
And speaking of the left’s delusions, what’s this stuff about the vast right wing conspiracy criticizing George Soros?
Hey guys, there’s no conspiracy here. If one of our guys dropped $15 billion to try to buy a presidential election, the left would be so hysterical that you’d have to bring fainting couches to Nader events. One of their guys does it, and all of a sudden it’s a noble, patriotic effort. Um, okay, sure, whatever you say. Just to be clear – our guy spends a lot of money, it’s buying an election, and proof the system is corrupt. Your guy spends an absolute freaking cosmic ass-load of money, and it’s proof of his patriotism and that his vision is uncorrupted.
Or in other words, right for me, F.U. to thee.
Talk about your principled political parties…
The basic difference between the United States and the Islamofascists, is that the U.S. will, on occasion, burn a village to save the villagers. The Islamofascists, on the other hand, like to burn villages just for the hell of it. Hopefully with the villagers still in them.
If you aren’t reading Lileks’ Bleat every day, there may be something wrong with you.
Women’s professional basketball? Sorry ladies. It’s so bad that I just might turn into a mysogynist, were anybody to force me to watch four quarters. Hell, it’s nearly as bad as watching Men’s pro basketball. And that’s more or less like that scene in Clockwork Orange where our hero has his eyes propped open, while being forced to look at some post modern pastiche art.



  1. Sam

    A friend of mine said a couple of years ago that there’s a lot of people in this country -uber-Democrats, gays, etc- that have champange bottles stuck in the back of their refridgerators, only to be opened in celebration of the day Ronald Reagan died. I read the news on the Internet Saturday and thought to myself, “There must be a whole lot of corks popping today.”
    I wasn’t fully-conscious for the Reagan administration. I remember his speech after the Challenger disaster, and “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall”, but I don’t feel knowledgable enough to comment on his political and economic moves during his presidency.
    However, just knowing his speeches and how he dealt w/ people, I can agree, he was a great communicator. He had conviction and charisma, 2 things that make a great president, two things John Kerry doesn’t have.
    Talking with a friend last week, the comment was made that Bush & Kerry were puppets. Sure, I said, but then I had to do a compare/contrast. Bush seems like a marionette; you know he’s a puppet and you can almost see the strings from above moving him and talking for him. But on Kerry, you get the feeling he’s a hand-puppet, the kind of puppet you have to stick your hand up its ass to control.
    I think that goes back to the conviction angle. Reagan & W. Bush, you get the idea they speak what they do out of conviction. With Kerry, he talks like he should have the right to rule this country; “I’ll do what *I* think is right for this country.” was one of his comments last week, and not something someone should say when their job is to represent the American people in the halls of power.
    Better stop before I get into an anti-Kerry diatribe…..but I don’t want to ’cause it’s Monday morning and I want to sharpen my claws on something.
    Oh yeah, and isn’t it refreshingly disgusting to see all the hateful comments about Reagan on the Democratic side. Sure, you may not like someone cause of their political beliefs, but that doesn’t mean you need to de-humanize/demonize them. Why does the Left de-humanize and demonize their opponents (besides the obvious “we can’t face up to their facts, so we gotta do something”)? Taking care of dying relatives suffering from Alzheimers is no fun at all, but I’m thinking these guys have no respect for human life with all their jokes of “someone must’ve taken out his feeding tube last week” or “they accidentally unplugged the freezer they were keeping him in”.
    On the other side of the coin, I wish Nancy had thrown her weight into the stem-cell battle earlier than just this year, maybe back to W. was working over what to do about the issue before 9-11. Maybe if we had started doing ass-loads of stem cell research before then Ronnie could’ve gotten some treatment and we could’ve hauled the Gipper out at this year’s Republican convention to frighten the Dems back into submission. I’m sure were he coherent, Ronnie would’ve had plenty of choice remarks about today’s war on terror and the West’s fight against the Jihadis.
    Oh well.

  2. Jim

    You’re a great gal but I have to tell you, reading Democratic Underground is as big a waste of your time and valuable electrons as reading any neo-Nazi website.